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Welcome to EartHeart Space Readings
Welcome to EartHeart Space Readings

Don't Miss Out! Only 1 week to go!

Smudging for Beginners Workshop

Do you want to learn how to get rid of that crappy energy?

Beginners Guide to Smudging, spatial cleansing, clearing yourself.

EartHeart Space Readings is offering you special introductory investment of $125.00 (normally $250.00) Beginners Guide to Smudging Zoom Workshop.

Your investment includes:

  • 90 minutes interactive live workshop.
  • One-on-one or groups sessions available.
  • What is smudging?
  • History of Smudging.
  • When to Smudge?
  • How to Smudge?
  • Tips for smudging & choosing best herbs to use for clearing your space.
  • Personal clearing & Smudging.
  • Different ways of Smudging & Spatial Clearing/Cleansing.

When: Thursday 30th May 2024 from 7pm to 8.30pm Australian Eastern Standard Time.

Time Duration: 90 minutes

Investment: $125.00


EartHeart Space Reading - normally $250.00 - now special offer $99.00

What is an EartHeart Space Reading?

Using feng shui knowledge and connecting with the current energy of the room/space/workspace - determine what tools/tips to guide you in creating the space/workspace/room that works for you and you love!



When you enter a space/room, what is the first thing you see?

How does it make you feel?

Do you feel tired, sad, sick, happy, exhausted, excited, love, angry, or calm?

Any space we occupy has an impact on us, our energy, emotions and long term it influence/impact our health, relationships, career/job/business, financial situation etc.

Everything, every human, every living being has an energetic vibration. The energy around you or the energy you come in contact will change your energetic vibration. Any space you occupy can change your vibration while you are in that space.


Did you know when you arrive at your front door, the vibe/energy being created in that space influences how you feel about coming home?

Would you like to create a space that you feel calm, serene and safe in? Or create a space you can de-stress in?

Reasons Why You Would Have An EartHeart Space Reading

  • Just moved into a new home.
  • Commenced a new job.
  • New or different workspace.
  • Selling a property.
  • Started/bought a new/existing business.
  • Selling a business.
  • Not sleeping.
  • Something just does not feel right in the space.
  • Constantly sick/tired/angry/sad when in the space/room.
  • Clear negative energy from your home/office/business/workspace.
  • Creating a better attitude twards your workspace.
  • Improve mental focus.
  • Space feels flat, musty or cold.
  • Space/room feels chaotic.
  • Feel stressed/on edge/anxiety in the space/room.
  • Constant conflict.
  • You feel a lack of energy when in the space.
  • Feel like you are stuck in a rut/unmotivated.
  • Does your workspace feel toxic?
  • Relationship breakup.
  • Space feels dark.
  • Partner/spouse moved in.
  • New occupant in the home.
  • Home feels cluttered.
  • Do you want to declutter your bedroom, home, office?
  • Child will not stay/sleep in there bedroom.
  • You want to change your space/room, but do not know where to start?
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    Helping to create a productive workspace, successful business, calm space to chill or a home that you love!

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